Who we are

Scanteam is an independent Norwegian partner-owned advisory and consulting firm, established in 1990. We contribute to effective international development cooperation and responsible business conduct practices. Scanteam enables our clients to enter and work in challenging situations, and to improve their results. We do this based on experience from over 100 countries, many of these in the most challenging environments, applying best practice methods in accordance with international norms, standards and good practice.

Scanteam recognises the interdependence between peace, good governance and development, and the vital role of responsible business conduct. Our services are positioned where these issues converge.

We work across the full development spectrum, in situations of state fragility, conflict and post-crisis recovery, and in countries undergoing transition or consolidating their development. Scanteam's clients are multilateral and government institutions, non-governmental and civil society organisations, and private businesses. We promote collective action between the international community, host governments, civil society and the private sector.

Our strength is the ability to identify collaborative approaches to issues, and facilitate “win-win” results across private, public and civic actors, including in contested situations.

Our Mission

To provide knowledge and services that contribute towards a sustainable future.

Our Vision

To be a recognized international centre contributing to a rights-based and sustainable future.

Working with International Assistance and the Private Sector

Scanteam works with a broad range of clients, including:

  • The providers of international assistance (multilateral organisations, bilateral Donors, non-governmental organisations and institutions).
  • Recipient governments and societies, who are the beneficiaries of international assistance.
  • Private companies, meeting emerging Responsible Business Conduct expectations.

Our work with the public sector, private companies and organizations in civil society is based on international norms, standards and good practice for development. 

The UN Development Goals stress the interdependence between peace, good governance and development, and the vital role of responsible business. Scanteam’s experience positions our services to both improve the results of international assistance and help companies work in a responsible manner, in complex and demanding environments.


Quality Assurance

Scanteam is committed to delivering the highest quality products. Our work is rigorously Quality Assured.

Our Quality Assurance process is based on ISO 9001 Standards.

Scanteam products are evidence-based. At all stages of an assignment, we ensure the reliability and validity of the data and sources being used.

Quality Assurance is done by one or more Specialists, with subject matter and/or methodology expertise. Assurance usually occurs at several points in the process, to ensure consistency throughout an assignment.

Client feed-back is requested when a product is finalized. Comments are reviewed by Scanteam Partners, with lessons learned integrated into our procedures.


Legal and Financial Status

Scanteam is registered with Norway's Business Registry. We operate in full compliance with Norwegian law, and the Good Conduct standards for Norwegian public procurement.

Scanteam is audited annually by a certified external auditor, and our credit rating is done by Dun & Bradstreet. Since 2004, our credit rating has been  A or AA. Scanteam is fully insured and has never relinquished on a contract.



Our History

Scanteam was established in 1990, as an independent consulting firm. We have provided continuous service since starting work, to the providers of international assistance and the private sector.

Our beginnings (1990-2000)

Scanteam was established by five Partners: Bjørn Lunøe, Knut Samset, Erik Whist, Åge Rønningen and Tore Lium. The original Partners came together by chance and acquaintance. They had diverse backgrounds, in the private and public sectors (Norad, the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, the United Nations and the World Bank). What first united Partners was the opportunity to work independently, combine their skills in a multi-disciplinary environment, and use new planning methodologies.

Our first assignments

International assistance focused on technical assistance, during the early 1990s. Most of our original Partners had technical backgrounds, mostly as engineers. Scanteam’s first assignments were with rural water supply, environmental protection, and in natural resources management. Work in energy and education expanded quickly, to become additional service areas. With our language and technical skills, the number of countries where Scanteam Partners worked grew quickly. Within a decade, our corporate CV included assignments in 100 countries.

Planning and Evaluation

Innovating with methodology has been at the core of our services since the beginning. Scanteam was established at a time when the interest in aid effectiveness was growing.We became a centre of competence for planning and evaluation. Our first handbook on planning methodology, The Logical Framework Approach (LFA), was published by Norad in 1990. The book was reprinted three times. Recalled one of the original Partners, “Scanteam really started to take off when we began to develop the LFA”.

From planning systems, Scanteam expanded to innovate with evaluation methodology. In the mid- 1990s, we prepared evaluation handbooks for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida, Sida and for the Japanese Foundation for Advanced Studies in International Development. We were also instrumental helping the OECD to develop harmonization evaluation definitions and criteria.

Planning, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation continue to be core parts of Scanteam’s service offering. Our portfolio now includes 536 related assignments, successfully completed between 2000 and mid- 2016.

Private Sector Development and Responsible Business

Scanteam has worked with private sector development, since our earlier days. Our services expanded in the late 1990s to transitional economies, with the opening of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Scanteam worked extensively on enterprise development and social investment funds, to national and international companies.

Looking back

An original Partner reflected on his involvement Scanteam, which covers 160 assignments in 50 countries. “Working with such a diverse group of colleagues allowed me to be involved with a much broader range of assignments than if I had been alone. It was the application of common methodologies between different professions that allowed us to collaborate. But most important, what makes Scanteam a rewarding place to work is the integrity and high professional standards of the Partners. They are committed to their work, and making a contribution to development.”

Looking ahead

While effectiveness at project and programme levels were core fields of concern when the company started up, the world today is dramatically different. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change agreements, the funding approach identified in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the Global Partnership for Development Effectiveness Cooperation point to much more ambitious agendas involving new and emergent actors across a much more challenging range of fields. 

In order to address these new issues and provide relevant advice to a wider range of actors, Scanteam is therefore continuing to “re-tool” by establishing new partnerships, upgrade own skills, and working with new partners who face difficult choices under a host of uncertainties and risks that continue to require practical experience coupled with updated methodological tools and research-based knowledge.